About Founder

 A former inmate of 27 years, I understand the issues faced by those incarcerated of having to choose between spending their insignificant earnings on costly pen pal service subscriptions to maintain connection and have a sense of belonging outside their imprisoned walls or sustaining themselves in isolation from the world.

I have also felt firsthand the loneliness beyond the prison walls from reading the vast letters from my PenPal network during my 27 years of incarceration. People both imprisoned in and outside the prison walls have found comfort and a sense of escape from the reality of loneliness by surrendering themselves and permitting pen and paper to break their cycle of isolation. Notably, these letters reveal genuine thoughts and expressions of empathy and a growing flirtatious temperament imparting feelings of pleasure and fitting when pen and paper meet.

In 2018, a joint Kaiser Family Foundation and Economist survey revealed that “one in five Americans “often” or “almost always” felt lonely or socially isolated, and results from a large-scale Cigna report released in January 2020 found that three out of five Americans reported being lonely.

A pen pal service can be a critical turning point in your life, psychologically, passionately, and internally. It allows you to feel human again and of course with a sense of escape and pleasure from the reality of incarceration and loneliness

 [we] are a loyal family with all those who are incarcerated and living beyond the walls feeling isolated and alone. I empathize having been there, and in the written expressions of my PenPal network, what you consider important in such a site. I [we] pledge to make your experience with us unparalleled. To that end, we welcome your suggestions and comments. Being responsive to your needs is our goal.

Quality service makes meeting people and establishing a bond effortless. Unlike other predator websites taking advantage of our despair, FlirtatiousPen is of little to no cost to inmates and a nominal fee to those beyond the imprisoned walls seeking to escape their isolation while providing a sense of belonging to those incarcerated ...You have everything to gain through us…so subscribed today and begin your adventure of meeting people across the globe and allowing pen and paper to share the most profound intimate pleasures of humanity.