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Greetings, Do you believe in chance, destiny, or faith? Or what about great minds thinking alike? Or do the opposite of different worlds attract each other? Or, what about “always shoot for the moon, so if you miss at least you'll land among the stars?" Because I believe in all these things. Join me for a moment! Time is precious and unforgiving when it comes to days, months, and years that pass by. Can you see yourself belonging to something so comforting, so faithful, so true to you, so loving and understanding that it just barely falls short of a religion? Something where you're always wanted, needed, appreciated, never pressured, or upheld to superficial standards? Do you dream of being always in good hands like Allstate? Look no further, welcome friend, we have a lot to learn about each other. The do's, the don'ts, the good, the best, and the greatness. If you love knowledge, new places, new things, new experiences, and believe in truth, fairness, and standing up for what's right, then take a step through these invisible barriers and meet someone that will be in your corner for life. If you take one step toward me, I will take two steps toward you. I'm not on this website looking for romance, love, a dry conversational pen-pal, or someone to buy me chips and ramen, haha! I can do that myself. I'm on this website looking for true friendships and partnerships that are stress-free. I'm trying to get to know, interact, and build friendships with women that come from or that study, or whose background and profession consists of criminal justice, real estate, civil rights, corporations, or the medical field. Women who also enjoy car clubs, fishing, traveling. casinos, and just having fun. That's real. I'm 5'7", 210 pounds solid. A lot of individuals claim that they're innocent, but I can prove it. I guess everything happens for a reason, and sometimes we have to go through it just to get to it. I'll talk to you soon. The best way to send mail is through ( You can also send pictures. Later. P.S: Champions take chances. I will respond to all even if I'm not interested, so if you don't hear a reply, it's because the cops have destroyed your letters, and you should be contacting the warden, seriously. Peace be with you.
Name: Hendry Adamsz
ID: BI0471
FACILTY: P.O. Box 8101
CITY: San Luis Obispo
STATE: California
ZIP: 93409
Age: 37
Eye Colour: brown
convicted of: 245 (AX1), 422, 273.5 (A)
Death Row: no
Hair Colour:
Gender: male
Marital Status: single
Arrest Date: 06-18-2015
Serving Life Sentence: No
Start Date: 2022-12-06
End Date: 2022-12-06
Sexual Orientation: straight
DOB: 12-18-1983
Release Date: 12-14-2027
Ethnicity: african American
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