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Hey you. Thanks for stopping by to show me some love, I could imagine the precious time out there being spent in different important ways. I know some of you may be moms and dads, so I first want To say, CHILDREN" Are not one of the things I mind. I don't have children of my own although responsibility is a favorable personal trait I look for in the ones I welcome into my life as well as honesty, trust, and objectivity among others. I don't seek these personal traits, I also do my best to practice them myself, so they are a part of my descri[tion. I may be incarcerated right now, however, some may say this is a complete waste of time, but the only time I believe could be used differently and more productive is the 8 hours I spend horizontal with my eyes close, sleeping. Because while I'm here, I do look for different opportunities to learn something new. I am tattooed like a Harlem subway, LOL. I am 6'1", 200Lbs, athletic build, and as I said earlier, I am taking this time to work on myself to prepare for my future. I'll be 35 years young this September and one thing I want to point out is, I am super excited in getting to know YOU! so hit me up and let us start something new
Name: Richard Porra
ID: 88769-051
FACILTY: FCC Coleman Medium P.O. Box 1032
CITY: Coleman
STATE: California
ZIP: 33521
Age: 35
Eye Colour: brown
convicted of: Felon in Possession of a Firearm/Trafficing
Death Row: no
Hair Colour: Black
Gender: male
Marital Status: single
Arrest Date: 08-04-2016
Serving Life Sentence: No
Start Date: 2022-12-03
End Date: 2023-12-03
Sexual Orientation: straight
DOB: 09-09-1986
Release Date: 11-04-2024
Ethnicity: hispanic